Make Your Own Pottery

We have six professional-quality Pottery Wheels, plus a slab roller, an extruder, Giffin Grips, and a large assortment of other pottery tools and materials. We offer a series of short, but effective classes to get the average person creating nice, usuable pottery pieces in their own right from the start. We also offer open studio time for those that just want to come in and play.

One Time "Try-It" Lesson
$29 per person. A one-time, single lesson (up to 1 hour) featuring a quick demonstration, then basic instruction as the student makes one "hands-on" piece of pottery with up to 1-1/4 lbs. of clay. Use of all studio tools and equipment, base trimming by our staff, glazing your piece with our standard studio glazes, a clear overglaze and a final glaze firing are all included.

Introduction to the Pottery Wheel
$99 per person* Three 1-1/2 hour sessions—Includes up to 15 lbs. of clay and use of all studio tools and equipment. Standard studio glazes and the final glaze firing are also included. Everyone must sign-up for this class before they can be eligible for open studio time.**

Beginner Wheel 1
$139 per Person* Three 1-1/2 hour sessions—Includes up to 20 lbs. of a high-fire clay and use of all studio tools, equipment, firings and standard studio glazes. This class goes a bit more in-depth into techniques than the Introduction.

Beginner Wheel 2
$169 per Person* Three 1-1/2 hour sessions—Includes up to 25 lbs. of a high-fire stoneware clay, use of all studio tools, equipment, and firing with standard studio glazes.

Private/Semi-Private Instruction***
$50 per person per hour (2 hour minimum, up to 4 people)—Includes up to 10 lbs. of clay and firing of one piece. Additional clay will be available for purchase. A deposit may be required.

Open Studio Time
Open studio time is available during regular business hours in half-hour increments, subject to the availability of a wheel. Cost includes use of the wheel and all studio tools and equipment—it does not include clay, glazing, or firing. Clay, glazes and tools are available for purchase separately. Fees for firing will be separate and based on the quantity and sizes of your pieces.


Girl Scouts & Brownies, Cub Scouts & Webelos: One 1-1/2 hour session. Groups of 10-24 (siblings age 7+ are welcome). Each scout will receive 3 lbs. of clay to create one project on the wheel, plus one hand-built project. Cost is $25 per person. (Clay, bisque firing, standard studio glazes, and glaze firing included). Girl Scouts will earn the Ceramics and Clay Badge. Brownies, Cub Scouts, and Webelos can complete requirements for any art-related badges or pins, or just come in to have some fun.

Boy Scouts: BSA Pottery Merit Badge (Instructor is a registered merit badge counselor with the Carroll District for both the Pottery and Art Merit Badges.) To complete the pottery merit badge will take a minimum of 3 visits of about 1 hour each. Included in this is a basic history of pottery, learning and trying several hand-building techniques for wet clay, making a pottery piece on the wheel, and also learning how to properly load a kiln. Each piece made by the scout will be bisque fired, then glazed by the scout and fired again to create a finished piece. This is a fairly easy badge that is also very fun and interesting badge for a scout to do. Cost is $60, including instruction, materials and use of all studio tools and equipment.





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Monday: 12 noon - 5 pm
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* From time to time, we may adjust our hours for seasonal or special event reasons, i.e., extended hours for the Christmas Holiday season. We reserve the right to close up to one hour early if there are no painters in our studio. If you are coming by to pick up a piece within that last hour, please just call ahead to let us know you are coming.