Glass Fusing

We offer one of the “HOTTEST” new art forms—Glass Fusing. This fascinating craft, also known as "Warm Glass" involves nothing more than placing pieces of colored glass in shapes and patterns to create a design. The pieces are then “fused” together in our kiln. The result can then have findings attached to make pins, pendants or other jewelry, wall hangings, window valances, etc. or can be fired again—over or into a mold—to create dishes, plates, bowls, vases, or more. If you like doing puzzles, you’ll love doing fused glass.

We have glass projects that require little or no cutting, using standard pre-cut components, so you can come in and do these with little or no instruction needed. Just ask our staff what to do. Prices vary according to the size and complexity of the project, and the type of glass you use. We have numerous standard projects that we offer for fixed prices, usually in the neighborhood of $12-$35.

If you want to be more adventurous, sign up for the introductory class that teaches you all the basics of safely cutting, assembling and firing “Fused Glass.” Our regular price for this class is $75 and includes making two basic glass projects—a pendant and a “slumped” wasabi dish, votive/candleholder, or similar piece. Once you've taken the class, you can come in and work on any glass project you'd like, using any or all of the tools and materials we have available for glass work. Prices for a project will vary, again, according to the size and type(s) of glass you use.





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* From time to time, we may adjust our hours for seasonal or special event reasons, i.e., extended hours for the Christmas Holiday season. We reserve the right to close up to one hour early if there are no painters in our studio. If you are planning to come by to pick up a finished piece within that last hour, please call ahead to let us know you are coming.