Canvas/Board Painting

Learn Acrylic Painting on Canvas or MDF Board

Yes, you too CAN paint! We show you all the basics of using acrylic paints on a traditional canvas or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) to help you create your own "masterpiece" with just a little instruction. Enjoy some munchies, pop the cork on a bottle of wine, or sip on a margarita (BYOB—for those over 21). All art supplies will be provided. We can even help you make it into a multimedia composition by adding elements other than paint, such as rhinestones, glitter and more to give your piece some extra bling. It's a completely unique experience that you get to take home with you. No experience necessary! Sessions run about 2 – 3 hours. Please make a reservation. Prices range from $15 to $65 depending on canvas size and picture.





7611 Main Street
Sykesville, MD 21784

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Monday: 12 noon - 5 pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
11 am - 8 pm
11 am - 8 pm
11 am - 9 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm
12 noon - 4 pm

* From time to time, we may adjust our hours for seasonal or special event reasons, i.e., extended hours for the Christmas Holiday season. We reserve the right to close up to one hour early if there are no painters in our studio. If you are coming by to pick up a piece within that last hour, please just call ahead to let us know you are coming.